Hello 2021

Many people couldn’t help thinking how cool a year like 2020 would be. In the eyecare industry especially, it’s incredibly emblematic.

It’s a measurement, yes, but it’s also a term that’s universal with doctors, staff, patients, and industry. When refractive procedures came along over twenty years ago, 2020 was incorporated into many marketing efforts.

The Perception of 2020 and What 2020 Ended Up Being

2020 has become a synonym for “perfect”. Having the year 2020 would be a great assist to our industry.

And then the year 2020 came and it was a lot different than what the perception of it was. First-quarter tax estimates hadn’t been made when a virus commonly called COVID-19 spread around the globe.

No matter where you lived, the ramifications hit hard with the tremendous loss of life being the most significant. And there were many more.

These along with the ramifications and the severe consequences that are still ongoing. Not only are many of these still continuing, but it seems that many of these will be around for much longer than anticipated.

It seems like every area of our lives has been affected. Churches, gyms, restaurants, air travel, and others, including doctor appointments.

How 2020 Changed Healthcare

The entire healthcare industry has been hit hard. Not only was the industry in charge of solving the problem, but our industry also still had to maintain.

This meant somehow continuing to see patients without the virus and taking care of them. The difference between essential and non-essential care was way too often decided by someone who may not have had any experience in healthcare.

Many people that needed procedures like cataract surgery needed to wait. If there was ever an analogy to describe a year, it was simply a waiting game in 2020.

Sanity prevailed and once many of the surgical and treatment blockades were finally removed, patients were seen. There was, of course, great adaptation by the eyecare industry for this to happen.

It’s for everyone’s safety that these now common adaptations exist. Social distancing, barriers between patients, taking temperatures, wearing masks, and using hand sanitizer are a few of the many things now followed.

What 2020 Has Done For 2021 and The Future

2020 was one of the hardest years that many people can remember ever surviving. But although it’s a new year now, the challenges and tribulations are not behind us.

As we look forward to a new year, things are different, but they are also very much the same. 2021 has the potential to be better, but it’s still a tumultuous and unsure time.

As you treat your patients, remember that they are scared. They may be just as scared, if not more scared than you are.

But also remember that they love their eye doctors. To them, vision is the most important sense, and the majority of the time, problems are solvable.

It’s one of the reasons many senior patients arrive so early for appointments! Being able to see their doctor and know everything is or will be ok, has become even more important in today’s COVID environment.

Dealing with the logistics of COVID-induced rules is so challenging for everyone. But it is also for the patients.

Keep this in mind: The visit to your practice may be the highlight of their day, or the week, or the month.

Your care may very well go beyond vision. Your care may be much more inclusive of their mental health as well. Happy 2021, we all deserve it. Here’s to a brighter and better year for everyone!