The Rule Of Three

Have a ton of great practice ideas but not sure where to start? Why not start with three? More Is Not Always Better Three strikes and you’re out. Third rock from the sun.  Ask any surfer and they will tell you good waves come in sets of three. Rice Krispies, favorite breakfast cereal has three… Read More

What Can Eye Physicians Learn From Dental Practices?

Most successful dentists incorporate practice marketing very well. What can eye physicians learn from the best dental practices? Dentists have been at the forefront with many practice ideas. Though not all of these can be applied by eye physicians, many can. Most of us have experienced these as patients. Have you picked up on any… Read More

When You Don’t Get The Job

No matter what profession you may be in, eye care included, you’re not always going to get the job. It’s just a fact. So what do you do when that happens? Keep reading for some helpful tips to get yourself back out there! Login to Read More

What Happens After The Interview?

We know that the process of finding a good job at an eye care practice can be grueling. You got an interview, feel like you aced it, but now what? Let’s talk about what happens after the interview and what you can do to stand out in the crowd of applicants! 1. Take some time… Read More

How To Prepare For An Interview

Yes, it’s still interview season! If you read our newest post from last month, then you’ll know that we talked about how to interview your way into the position you want. But what if you need help with your interview skills? Today, we’re talking about how to prepare for an interview. After all, if you’re… Read More