Are New Social Distancing Practices An Improvement For Eye Physicians?

A wonderful thing happened this past week in Oregon: patients could once again go see their eye doctor. Considerations with COVID-19 in this state had put most visits on hold. How many vision issues had been put off that we may never know about?   Login to Read More

Five Questions with Dr. Allison Jarstad

This month, we’re talking to Allison Jarstad about how she balances traveling with a busy career in ophthalmology. Keep reading to learn more! 1. I loved the name of your recent article in CRST! How does traveling over 10 thousand miles and climbing mountains help you with providing eye care? 2. How does your life… Read More

5 Questions With Kevin and Suzanne Corcoran

EPN had a chance to interview Kevin and Suzanne Corcoran of Corcoran Consulting Group this January at the annual Hawaiian Eye Meeting. CCG offers a range of services to ophthalmology and optometry practices focused on reimbursement and practice management issues. They also work closely with the industry, assisting them with new and changing reimbursement for… Read More

The Rule Of Three

Have a ton of great practice ideas but not sure where to start? Why not start with three? More Is Not Always Better Three strikes and you’re out. Third rock from the sun.  Ask any surfer and they will tell you good waves come in sets of three. Rice Krispies, favorite breakfast cereal has three… Read More

What Can Eye Physicians Learn From Dental Practices?

Most successful dentists incorporate practice marketing very well. What can eye physicians learn from the best dental practices? Dentists have been at the forefront with many practice ideas. Though not all of these can be applied by eye physicians, many can. Most of us have experienced these as patients. Have you picked up on any… Read More